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Office Open XML is a document storage format proposed by Microsoft in 2006. Microsoft proposed OOXML (Office Open XML) as a competitor to Adobe PDF format. The OOXML format was standardized as ECMA-376 and ISO/IEC 29500.

Starting from Office 2010 Microsoft introduced support for OOXML format. Microsoft Office 2010 had only partial support of the standard while Microsoft Office 2013 added full support of both ECMA-376 and ISO/IEC 29500.

OOXML is based on XML language which makes this format easy to read and understand and at the same time allows good compression rate due to repeatability of XML clauses. One of the goals of OOXML was to simplify developer adoption. OOXML use of XML as a document representation and ZIP as a compression standard significantly simplifies tools which are needed to work with OOXML standard.

OOXML includes complex features derived from the Microsoft Office. This includes support for complex formulas, animation features, document direct formatting rules.

Besides that OOXML allows deep integration into business processes by allowing custom schemas within OpenXML documents. Examples of business specific features that OOXML provides are search, metadata tagging, document assembly, data reuse, line-of-business applications.

Below is a list of software capable of working with OOXML file format:

  • LibreOffice can read and write Office Open XML files.
  • Apache OpenOffice starting from version 3.0 can read Office Open XML files.
  • Softmaker Office 2010 can read and write DOCX and XLSX documents.
  • KOffice version 2.2 or later, Calligra Suite are able to import OOXML files.
  • NeoOffice 2017 or later can read and write OOXML files.
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